VIVAIODAYS products are formulated to protect and fortify the delicate skin of little ones, but parents use them on the down low because of their impressive restorative benefits for adult skin. It doesn’t hurt that they smell great and feel indulgent to use.

We don’t mind sharing the science

A baby is born with a fragile, mildly alkaline pH skin barrier that needs strengthening. On the other hand, the adult skin barrier is acidic in pH and compromised from environmental and topical chemical damage over the years.

VIVAIODAYS skincare products are boosted with a blend of
• nourishing plant oils,
• herbal waters,
• mild natural glucosides and/or
• natural polysaccharides like pullulan,
that build babies’ skin defences and aid in a balanced pH – and… bonus: adult skin loves them for their restorative benefits.

…your skin will thank you.