Mommy & Me Gift Set


Experience the purity, efficacy, and heartwarming impact of our certified organic skincare line.
Introducing the ultimate Mommy & Me Gift Set from VIVAIODAYS. This multipurpose collection is designed to be efficacious, clean, safe, and enjoyable for both you and your little ones.

Included in this set are three essentials for daily care and nurturing:

Apricot Oil Nourishing Face & Body Lotion: Formulated with nourishing apricot oil, this lotion provides deep hydration for both face and body, leaving skin soft and supple.
Geranium Micellar Cleansing Water: Make cleansing between baths a breeze with our gentle and effective micellar water. It's the greenest makeup remover you'll find, suitable for skin, lips, and eyes, and ensures a thorough cleanse without any harsh ingredients.
Olive Oil Rescue Balm Gel: This versatile balm gel is a lifesaver for various skin concerns. Use it for dry skin patches, diaper rash prevention, or as a calming nipple gel for nursing moms. It's a true skin-saver for all ages.

Perfect for gifting to a mommy-to-be or a new mom, this set offers everything she needs to care for herself and her little one with confidence and ease. Experience the joy of clean, safe, and effective skincare with VIVAIODAYS – because caring for yourself and your baby should be a pleasure, not a chore.

Packaged thoughtfully in an FSC Certified Paper Reusable box, this gift set not only cares for your loved ones but also for the planet. Our bottles and tubes, crafted from 100% recyclable sugarcane, exemplify our dedication to sustainability at every step of the process.

But that's not all – your purchase of our Mommy & Me set extends beyond skincare. With each set sold, you're contributing to a cause, funding SchoolDays for Children around the world. It's a double gift of love and compassion, embodying the spirit of giving back.

Whether it's for the holidays, a baby shower, or simply a gesture of self-care, the Mommy & Me set is a thoughtful expression of care that speaks volumes. 

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