Exclusive Body Care Set with Toy


A limited-edition set exclusively sold at VIVAIODAYS.COM that includes a surprise bath toy (assorted styles...collect them all)
In this beautifully designed FSC eco-friendly gift bag you can find our Organic-Certified VIVAIODAYS Saponaria soap & allergens-free Wash & No-Tears Shampoo and VIVAIODAYS Apricot Lotion (loved by the whole family). Saponaria's unique combination of glucosides and saponin-rich organic soapwort extract creates a happy, tearless, and dirt-free bathing experience while calming mild discomforts like rashes and itching. Our Ayurveda inspired nourishing lotion with Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond & Oat Oils and Cucumber Water is Dermatologist tested and approved for sensitive skin. Easily absorbed, non-greasy, around the clock nourishing lotion maintains healthy moisture balance, combat rash & may soothe minor hypersensitive skin conditions.
For details please check individual products:
Saponaria Wash & No-Tears Shampoo 5.1 fl.oz
Apricot Nourishing Face & Body Lotion 3.4 fl. oz

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