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 "Being the only girl in a family of boys you get spoiled with pretty baby wash and not only is the packaging beautiful but this VIVAIODAYS organic wash smells like a dream and is free of all the awful chemicals that you typically find in soap! It’s definitely our favorite" 

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"Our morning brushing hair is easier and quicker when we use the VIVAIODAYS Organic leave-on conditioner and detangler. No tears, no fuss, and we are ready for our day with beautiful shiny locks" 

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"Not only do they smell delicious & are super moisturizing but they are all certified organic, cruelty free, made with over 99% if not 100% natural ingredients AND come in 100% recyclable sugarcane
/tubes. Gemma has so much fun using them "by herself"...with a little help from Mom".  

Saponaria Testimonial Carachatwin

"I haven’t been able to find bath and diapering products I LOVED until I found VIVAIODAYS. Right now I’ve tried the Saponaria No Tears Wash & Shampoo: I’ve used things that claim to be “tear free” and then had my daughter freak out... this stuff legitimately is"

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"The shampoo is a no tears solution, and makes a rich foam on Rosie’s head. It smells AMAZING! The conditioner is leave on, and it detangles her hair perfectly.. These are definitely our new favourite products for Rosie - they’re gentle on her head, bio, 100% vegan and cruelty free"

Saponaria Testimonial Rosie


"Casey’s skin is being protected by @vivaiodays organic kids turmeric sunscreen, whose products are also inspired by the founders’ travels." 

"Thank goodness for amazing clean and organic certified brands like VIVAIODAYS. The LEAVE-ON conditioner and detangler actually works without tears and scary ingredients." 

"There was a time when Noah had a strong aversion to baths, mainly because he had severe eczema and the skin care products we were using would irritate his sensitive skin. 
When we finally figured this out, we decided to commit to using products free from skin irritants."

"Sunscreen from @vivaiodays because I LOVE anything natural/organic that I can use on the boys! All of their products are high quality and organic!" 

"These babes have the most sensitive skin...We have been loving our new VIVAIODAYS. They are certified organic, cruelty free, made with all natural ingredients and they smell so yummy!!"

"I was fortunate enough to be gifted with these amazing VIVAIODAYS products last week to try on my toddler. Find out how I quickly fell in love with each one on our latest blog post"


"I’ve been using VIVAIODAYS on Parker and I’m obsessed. The ingredients are all natural and her wild mane has finally been tamed...the packaging seems too pretty for it to just be for babies so I started using it too"

"Their products are all organic + natural inspired by ancient remedies (and can we talk about the packaging?)"

"I am super choosy about what I am putting on my daughters’ skin. - This Rescue Balm has a smooth, rich, gel-like consistency, is extremely moisturizing and is free from artificial fragrance (a true skin irritant for Charlotte)."

"Joselyn, Juliet and myself really struggle with dry and sensitive skin. So these work WONDERS and are cruelty free!"

"Brushing her hair is ALWAYS a struggle but this organic spray has been a game changer! It’s made from natural Japanese Camellia seeds and smells amazing too!"

"Loving master lp’s comments each bath time "mmmm buono questo profumo" translated to "mmmm this perfume is nice"."

"I seriously can't say enough good things about this company especially since I've seen the results for a month now! Organic and SUPER affordable? All the good things wrapped up in one company!"

"We just discovered the best organic sunscreen by @vivaiodays Ya’ll this smells heavenly and goes on clear!"

"Sweet hair brushing provided by the best big brother in the world. Hands down the best detangle spray we’ve ever tried"

 "VIVAIODAYS leave-on conditioner and detangling spray has made bedtime baths a heck of a lot more calm in this house. It also helps that she wants pretty hair like the horse on the bottle"

"This detangler is made of all natural, organic ingredients and it smells delicious. It leaves her hair super soft and shiny...100% recommended!"

"These girls are obsessed with @vivaiodays leave in conditioner for their tangly hair. & I am LOVING the olive oil rescue balm & apricot oil lotion for their super dry skin."

"From the amazing shampoo and body wash that does not need conditioner to have tangle free hair for Jordyn to the apricot oil nourishing cream for Sawyers sensitive skin, it’s been a great addition to our night time routine."

 "We are head over heals for this product. The smell is absolutely divine - I've even been using it on myself! It goes on easily, and most importantly of all it has been protecting Hazel's skin from our high UV rating!"

"I just want to talk about their Rescue Gel. We have been going to the beach 2-3 times a week and talk about dry skin! After Arias baths, I’ll rub this gel on her and her skin has been so soft!"

"Really important for us to have a reliable sunblock! Especially since Bridgers skin is so sensitive and fair. @vivaiodays has been our go to! And their cleansing rose water is perfect for after sun too!"

"With three babies, it can really turn into chaos, but having good products helps make it a little easier!."

"My girl is known for having dreadlocks and all day bedhead but I recently tried a new product from @vivaiodays and it’s made hair brushing so much easier! Now I’m hooked on their whole line because not only is it full of the best ingredients, it more importantly doesn’t have any of the bad stuff I’m always trying to avoid!"

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