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Giddy Giddy | Pouch - Cotton Candy Tree

  • $30.00

Each handmade pouch is crafted with a touch of pre-loved and recycled fabric. Pouches are lined and have a strap that can fit kids 3-8 years.  


Growing up, the founder of Giddy Giddy was always tinkering with tape, cardboard boxes, glue, fabric and wood. Inevitably, when her first daughter was born in 2003, she rediscovered the joy of making stuff, particularly things that focused on taming and disguising her daughter's unruly and unfortunate mohawk.
The name Giddy Giddy was inspired by the Japanese-Hawaiian term "giri giri" which refers to a cowlick, or the little swirl in the back of a child's hair. And since giri sounds like giddy, it made perfect sense to call a company founded on baby hair clips... giddy giddy.
The company gives back by participating in microlending, via Kiva, because they know how important it is to help women around the world gain funding to help kick-start their own dreams & passions.