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Nui Organics | Merino Thermal Leggings

  • $41.00
Sky Blue

Nui organic merino rib leggings worn alone or under pants protect and insulate.
Made with long cuff to fold up then down while little legs grow. 
Nui 100% Organic Merino wool rib is Mother Natures perfect second skin!
Nui 100% Organic Merino wool rib is soft and calming against the skin. Silky smooth it does not itch and will act as an insulating layer, ensuring comfort and warmth.
100% Organic Merino wool rib. Fully machine washable and line or machine dry.


In Maori, the native language of New Zealand, nui means big or important hence the name Nui Organics™. Nui believe a clean start is a big thing for a little person. With that in mind Nui Organics™ use only the world's purest merino wools and cottons. No harsh chemicals for your child, or their planet.
Nui love wool: the texture, the colors, the look and feel. Wool is such a unique blend of beauty, function and sustainability. Each year Nui aims to create a collection that they hope will showcase the charm and intelligence of merino wool in unique and exciting ways.
The organic cottons and cotton blends they use are chosen for their purity, their softness, their look. We know that parents appreciate style and quality as well as durability, functionality and environmental responsibility.
They love what they do. It feels good to know that they are doing good, making quality clothing for kids in a socially and environmentally responsible way. They have fun, they work hard, they travel, they meet great people and they get inspired to make their products better and better.