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Manny&Simon | Eco-Camera

  • $30.00

Little ones can now 'photograph' their world using this wooden camera. Each is made with a moveable shutter button and the mode dial as well as the lens rotate to capture that perfect 'picture'. The back of each camera has a 'screen' where imaginative minds can imagine their picture!
Easy-to-grasp built-in handle. An original design by Manny and Simon!
Features a rotating shutter button, rotating mode dial, and rotating lens.

100% North American Hard Maple.
Non-Toxic, Zero VOC paint, Zero carcinogens.
No metal axels in our eco-conscious design.
5'' X 3'' X 2''
Proudly made in a environmentally conscious studio in California, USA. 
Ages 2 years and up.


Manny & Simon is an exciting collection of children's products that takes the classic animals and vehicles children love and transforms them into contemporary essentials for every kid! The name, Manny & Simon, came from the owners' grandfathers, two men who always served as sources of inspiration and encouragement. After losing their grandfathers at a young age, the owners wanted to incorporate them into their daily lives and thus, decided to name the company after them. Manny, a farmer, and Simon, a firefighter, were two special men whom will always be remembered.
Company's vision is to always keep things clean and simple while maintaining high-quality products that stimulate kids' never-ending imagination. They follow a path of environmental and social responsibility with their commitment to using organic and eco-friendly materials wherever possible and with the production methods they have instilled in thir environmentally conscious factory located in Southern California.