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ipora | Bare fútbol soccer ball

  • $90.00

We love this Bare Fútbol soccer ball. It is made from premium minimally processed leather created specifically for this ball. It is a one of kind hand stitched leather soccer ball, made by ball making families from Quiindy, a small town in Paraguay renowned for their ball making abilities. It is designed to meet match quality specifications with bare feet in mind so it’s perfect for the park or the backyard, but it has been tested on the pitch and kicked with shoes against bricks, goal posts, and even razor wire fencing. The ball is even treated for water resistance, so getting it wet should not be a problem. This gift can bring the family together! 
The ball is created from a unique leather we created in partnership with local Paraguayan tanners. It is unlike any other leather you will find. It’s color is designed specifically to bring out the natural imperfections of the leather giving a truly unique identity to each ball. It is also buffed for a really soft touch. Additionally, it is designed to pull color from the environment in which is is played. For example, prolonged exposure red dirt, as happens in Paraguay, will give the ball a slight red hue. It is a uniquely cool reminder of memories made while playing with the bare futbol (soccer).

The bare futbol is an official match size 5 soccer ball with 32 hand stitched leather panels. Hand stitched panels are tighter and will result in more bounce and control of the ball. You can also expect increased durability from leather balls. These balls will not be easily punctured or torn, and the premium leather will ensure longevity of shape and performance. The brand on the ball comes from ipora's handmade branding iron and is burned onto each ball individually.


Ipora is created of a few guys from the U.S. who love handmade goods made of natural resources. They live in Paraguay and have opened their eyes to the incredible talent there, as well as the incredible need. 
Ipora Partnerships is their attempt to create a business that maximizes benefits to artisans, workers and the community. They extend their hands to their partners and draw them into their family. They want their products and partnerships to be considered beautiful by everyone involved. They want to hear real people with real struggles telling stories of how they are overcoming pain. They want to see a community of imperfect people creating beautiful and sustainable products to help their families. They desire partnerships that focus on alleviating burdens instead of increasing bottom lines. Collectively, they want to be a part of the narrative of redemption. In Guarani, the native Paraguayan language, ipora means beautiful or good for this reason it was choosen as the brand name for this company.